Beth Tierney | Contemporary, custom-made, fused and kiln formed glass art.


Fused glass as an art form is a diverse and creative medium. It is incredibly flexible and sometimes unpredictable. All commissions are designed and made with that in mind. No two pieces are ever intended to be the same and even if they were, the glass often surprises. The fun is in creating something that is special and unique.

Door panel: this commission commenced after discussions with the clients on what types of art they liked and ideas on the colours they wanted. The main requirement was an image strong enough to leave patterns on the stone floor behind the door. A set of small test pieces were produced before final production.

Other commissions below include:
Spring Leaves: series of leaves tumbling across a conservatory wall.
The entire work covers around 2 metres.
Naturally Chiropractic: logo redesigned to hang in a window at the practice.
Lyme Bay: double panel landscape briefed to match a holiday memory
Memorial jewellery: inclusion of cremains into a pendant and ring.

I show at various art fairs throughout the year. Due to the pandemic, many shows have been cancelled but are now being relisted, often at short notice.

Dates for 2022 will be posted here as soon as I have them.

Palau: Reef Series #1, left:
awarded a gold medal at the Dorset Arts and Crafts Association Exhibition.

See through sand: fused glass art by Beth Tierney | hand-made in Dorset.

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