Diving Carriacou | Grenada, the Caribbean
Blue ribbon eel

One of the Caribbean's most popular diving destinations, Grenada is the most southerly of the Windward Islands and along with her smaller sister, Carriacou, is located at the very bottom of the chain of islands that form the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea.

Although Grenada is better known as a destination for scuba divers, the smaller and much quieter island of Carriacou has it's fair share of great dive sites and the added bonus of being, well, smaller and quieter.

The island's name also translates as ‘land of reefs’ and you only have to look out from shore to see these hovering beneath the surface. The water is classic Caribbean turquoise, the marine realm is healthy and some of the reef structures vary from those to the south: there are areas with huge tumbled boulders, gaping caverns and even some volcanic gases escaping like champagne bubbles from the seabed. To top it all off, there are even a few new wreck dives.

Carriacou dive photo gallery Scuba diving features
Marine Life Nurse sharks
Southern stingray
Shy Hamlet
Top dive site Twin Tugs
Seasons Year round but rainy June to December
Visibility 5 – 25 metres
Water temperature 25 – 29º C
Deco chambers Barbados, Trinidad
Flights direct from the UK or via the US then 90 minutes by fast ferry
Dive operators & accommodation Rsearch via Grenada Scuba Diving Association

PROS and CONS - Carriacou is only a short hop onwards from Grenada so it is just as easy to reach yet surprisingly, mass tourism has not infiltrated in the same way. Hotels are minimal but small rustic guest houses are plentiful. The island is quiet and pretty much shuts down at about 9pm yet, surprisingly, internet access here is as good as London! This is an island for doing a couple of calm lazy dives in a day then chilling out in the peaceful atmosphere.

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SCUBA DIVING - The marine life and conditions around Carriacou are much the same as around Grenada. However, we saw more large pelagic animals on these reefs, which may have been luck but we suspect it was because the waters just off Hillsborough are a marine reserve and the reefs are a little more protected from Atlantic currents. Carriacou has three new wrecks, each scuttled to create dive sites. The reefs that fringe the small islands in the bay are interesting sites with varied terrain and some very interesting swim-throughs and channels that attract pelagic fish.

OPINION - This little island is a funny one, a real step back in time to a style of Caribbean island that retains far more of that iconic Caribbean atmosphere. Although facilities are minimal, there is enough to keep most people happy. We certainly enjoyed our few days there and wished for a few more.