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Diving Southeast Asia guide book

Diving Southeast Asia
a guide to the world's most diverse marine environment

Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Thailand | Singapore

Published in April 2009, Diving Southeast Asia is the second guide book in the Footprint dive travel series

Following on from the success of Diving the World, this guide book continues the concept of fusing high-calibre scuba diving reports with well-researched information for travellers.

While Diving the World was based on a hit-list of worldwide where-to-dive destinations, this 300 page guide specialises in the single region that divers voted for when asked “which of the world’s regions do you want to see the most”? The answer that came up on everyone’s list – the clear majority – was Southeast Asia.

Over 250 dive site descriptions – all dived, reviewed and photographed by the authors.

Diving Southeast Asia features and reviews

Diving the World second edition is also available

ESSENTIALS | planning a dive trip; budgets and costs; guide to airlines, baggage and packing; scuba diving equipment.

TALES FROM THE DEEP | stories from both dive professionals and ordinary divers relating their underwater experiences and favourite dive sites.

DRYING OUT | things to do on the days when you have to stop diving, or if you are with a non-diving partner. Places to stay, trustworthy diving operators and liveaboard boats.

RESOURCES | marine biology and conservation; diver training;
health and first aid for divers; underwater photography.

We're sure this book will look great on your coffee table and if you're
visiting this region, will be as vital as your favourite dive mask.
Simon Chance, Manager,
PADI Diving Society

"Shaun's photographs are vibrant and Beth's inimitable writing style fires your imagination."
Jackie Hutchings, Founder, Scubadviser

I have put this book on my bookshelf for future reference!
John Bantin, Diver Magazine

Diving Southeast Asia is available to purchase direct in the UK

DIVING SOUTHEAST ASIA is published by Footprint. ISBN: 978 1 906098 50 6
RRP: GBP £19.99/USD $29.95

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