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UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY | Coleman's shrimp on a fire urchin

Banda Island, Indonesia
Featured diving image
Banda Neira Pier
Manadarin City
29 metres
female Coleman's shrimp

Late afternoon in Banda harbour is the perfect time to explore the superlative muck dive that starts right beneath the port walls. Entry is over a typical black sand bottom, the visibility is low due to silt and boat traffic, but if it is still daylight, then it's a great time to head down deeper to search for Colman’s shrimp on the resident fire urchins. These creatures are incredibly hard to spot as they are so well camouflaged by the urchin's the poisonous spines but this large female sat proud of them, almost daring any photographer to get too close. The lady was alone, which was unusual because when you find female, there will always be a male nearby. However, 30 metres and fading sunlight sent us back to the surface before the elusive gent was found.

Colman’s shrimp on fire urchin
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