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Diving Southern Raja Ampat | West Papua's pygmy seahorses
LOCATION: Momono Bay, West Papua, Indonesia DIVE SITE: Pygmy Corner DEPTH: 22 metres


The day started with pilot whales and sperrm whales visiting before breakfast but the weather turned rainy as we made for Momono Bay. It's a breathtakingly pretty bay though, with tiny limestone outcrops in a turquoise lagoon and surrounded by jungle clad cliffs. In daylight, the dive was less than exciting with rubbly slopes and a few bommies but by night, it turned into a pygmy seahorse party. Not only did we see several Hippocampus barbiganti seahorses but also a Hippocampus denise and on one small outcrop there were dozens of the minute Hippocampus pontohi. These were free-swimming all over the rock, jumping around, greeting each other and generally having fun.

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Hippocampus pontohi, West Papua

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