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Diving on the Twin Tugs | Carriacou Island, Grenada
LOCATION: Mabouya Island, offshore from Carriacou, Grenada DIVE SITE: The Twin Tugs DEPTH: 28 metres


A short distance due west of Hillsborough, Carriacou's tiny capital, is Mabouya Island. Sitting on the sandy seabed just to the north are the wrecks of two tug boats. Both were sunk deliberately to make dive sites.

The slightly deeper one is the Westsider, which measures around 30 metres long. She was sunk in September 2004 and shortly afterwards Hurricane Ivan hit the island. Duringthe storm, the current became so strong, it lifted the hull, turned it 180 degrees around then sat it back down on the seabed.

At the base of the wreck, the intact propellor blades and circular guard are smothered in small pink and white soft corals, sponges and tiny hydroids. Heading up, the side of the hull is well covered in corals too. You can go inside the wreck to investigate the engine room then back out through a hatch to the deck. Above are swirling schools of baitfish and sometimes, a solitary barracuda.

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the Twin Tugs, Carriacou

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