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Diving in Raja Ampat | Indonesia
Keruo, Raja Ampat
Melissa’s Garden
22 metres
Banded Sea Krait

The first time we dived Melissa's we found a long oval reef with a flat top and sloping sides. Hard coral outcrops were interspersed with small soft corals, masses of crinoids and fish. The sandy bottom was smothered in garden eels, we spotted an octopus, some good batfish, a tuna out on the blue, and near the end of the dive we found two sea snakes.

Four years later we went back to this reef and wondered if we would see the same things. Within moments of rolling back into the water we were met by another sea snake and then a couple more. They were all banded sea kraits and all immensely curious about our presence. They followed our paths across the reef for most of the dive, occasionally diverting to the surface for a breath of air, then descending again to find us.

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Subclass Squamat
Order Serpente
Suborder Hydrophiidae or Elapidae
Family Laticauda

L. colubrina

Banded Sea Krait, Irian Jaya
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