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Rip Curl has always been a leader in innovative and cutting edge wetsuit design. Their current range includes full body wetsuits, vests and wetsuit accessories such as boots and surf caps. Rip Curl have developed a number of advanced wetsuit features that are characterized by their respective product lines. Currently these include the H-bomb, E-bomb, Flashbomb, Insulator and Dawn Patrol wetsuit collections.

Flashbomb is considered to be one of the ultimate wetsuit designs to date. Available for both men and women, Flashbomb wetsuits from Rip Curl are made with the most advanced E4 neoprene technology available. It has two layers to assist with rapidly removing water from the wetsuit; resulting in a warm, dry suit that provides extreme comfort in all conditions.

The E4 neoprene used in the Flashbomb wetsuits are specific to have 30% more stretch than older style neoprene as well as being 10% warmer and being 20% lighter. It also has taped seams that provide the maximum amount of dryness and comfort, without hampering the seam stretching capability of the wetsuit in any way. Flashbomb has been called the fastest drying wetsuit in the world and is one of Rip Curl’s most significant wetsuit products to date. It is the choice for surfers who want no compromise on quality.

ripcurl 1E-Bomb is one of Rip Curls top wetsuits that comes without any compromises, just like the high end Flashbomb series. E-Bomb also features E4 neoprene, taped seams and up to 30% more stretch in the back, knees and arms with the use of E4 action panels. Whilst Flashbomb is named as the fastest drying wetsuit in Rip Curl’s range, the E-bomb is famous for being a highly stretchable wetsuit – although it is also 10% warmer than regular wetsuits as well.

H-Bomb from Rip Curl is a line of wetsuits that is considered to be the first power heated wetsuit in the world. Built especially for use in colder waters, H-Bomb wetsuits feature Rip Curl’s patented Mark II Ultimate Power Heating System which works inline with a built-in switch and rechargeable battery. The neoprene used in H-Bomb wetsuits is E3 neoprene, and the wetsuit itself features marine grade components that are double taped to provide excellent sealing as well as maximum stretching of the seams.

Insulator is another wetsuit range from Rip Curl and is focused on being a high value, high performance and durable wetsuit with the basic features that will fit a wide range of surfing needs. The wetsuit features a combination of high end features, and economical ones that result in a balanced suit both performance and price-wise. It contains the dual layers to quickly funnel water out of the suit (this is also found in Rip Curls more expensive wetsuit range), as well as Freeflex neoprene in the body areas, and E3 neoprene in the important paddle zones, resulting in a highly stretchable wetsuit.

The Dawn Patrol wetsuit range from Rip Curl is an economical wetsuit choice that incorporates some high end features, while maintaining a very affordable price point. It features what Rip Curl call a Batwing System which stops water entry with a barrier, in addition to the two layered lining that is featured in the more expensive wetsuits. It contains freeflex neo in the body part of the wetsuit as well as the batwing system found in the Insulator wetsuit range. Dawn Patrol wetsuits from Rip Curl are a good balance between high quality features and affordability, providing a wetsuit for beginner to intermediate surfers.

The Rip Curl wetsuit range provides an option for every surf level, style and budget. Click here to check them out at

Image: Mike Kline

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