Islas Revillagigedo, Mexico – 2019

In 2019, we returned to the islands of Socorro, San Benedicto and
Roca Partida, an overnight sail from Baja California into the Pacific Ocean.

Canyon cleaning station, San Benedicto

Manta at San Benedicto

Whitetips at Roca Partida

On the point at Roca Partida

The Boiler

Cabo Pearce, Socorro

At the Boiler

San Benedicto

The Canyon

Roca Partida

The Boiler

Baby whitetips, Roca Partida

The Boiler

San Benedicto

The Canyon, San Benedicto

The Boiler

These three islands are renown for their incredible wealth of larger marine animals – sharks and manta rays being the star attractions.
We first visited a decade ago and were keen to go back. The region has become more popular, yet it still remains a comparatively quiet destination where you can dive surrounded by far more sharks than divers!

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