Lembeh Straits, Sulawesi – 2023

In 2023, we returned to the locations of our very first dive adventures,
Siladen Island, near Manado and the Lembeh Straights, Indonesia.

Emperor Shrimps on Ceratosoma trilobatum Nudi - Aer Prang 2

Possible Tiger tail seahorse (Hippocampus comes) - Rojos

Mimic octopus - Jahir 1

Flamboyant octopus - Aer Bajo 3

Mantis shrimp with eggs - Hairball

Yawning Freckled frogfish - Aer Prang 2

Bargibanti pygmy seahorses - Nudi Retreat 2

Batavia batfish/spadefish juvenile - Jahir 1

Whip coral goby - Angels Window

White-V octopus - Aer Bajo 1

Spotted shrimp goby - Makawide 3

Ceratosoma tenue Nudi - Tandurusa

Decorator crab (Achaeus spinosus) - Aer Bajo 2

Black coral crab (quadrille coronata) - Sarena Patah

Times have changed the unique diving realm that is the Lembeh Straits. There are far more resorts, more divers and – fortunately – more care for this tiny stretch of the ocean. The smaller, unusual critters are still the main focus for all divers that visit. Most of those are photographers and all very excited by what they are shown. It’s no longer the unexplored destination that we saw all those decades ago, but it’s still as special as it ever was.

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