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April 2012
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-PAPUA NEW GUINEA: the last frontier?
We have only dived the remote islands of Papua New Guinea a few times but have loved it every time. What makes this scuba diving destination a little hard to get to, is also its saving grace. Beneath the waterline, lies a vast range of incredible reef systems that sit firmly inside the Coral Triangle, the area regarded as the marine world's most bio-diverse.
And news from MV Febrina is that they are continuing the tradition of exploration by announcing a new route to the waters in the southern Lindhaven area.
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-Photo galleries updated

Our underwater photography galleries have been updated to include new images and extended image galleries and some additional information to help you identify some of the animals you will see. This is a continually growing section of the website and we will continue to adapt and update pages when we can.

and news...

We are about to dive the islands of Halmahera, Ternate and Tidore in Indonesia. Part of the famed Spice Islands, there is reputed to be some spectacular wildlife both underwater and on land. Plus, we will be returning to the marvellous Lembeh Straits. We'll be reporting back soon.

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