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UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY | Giant Pacific manta ray

San Benedicto, Mexico
San Benedicto Island, Mexico
The Boiler
11 metres
Manta birostris
Giant Pacific manta

Anticipation was running high after a 22 hour sail to reach San Benedicto Island. This diving destination is renown for it's 'big stuff' and our first site was meant to be the manta site. After a surface swim across to a protruding circular pinnacle, we descended and swam past some very impressive rock structures. The sheer wall appeared to be made up of millions of thin layers, almost like stack of paper.

We saw a whitetip as we went in and a lot of Clarion angelfish, which is indigenous to the area. Next it was around a bend and up over a plateau to meet our divemaster Sten, who flapped his arms madly to indicate a manta.

And there she was, just hanging about, flitting to and fro between the divers and watching each person individually before approaching to just inches away.

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