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Pescador Island, The Philippines
Pescador Island, the Visayas
The Sardine Run
18 metres
Dasyatis americana
Southern stingray

Pescador is a small island with sharp rocky walls that drop vertically all the way around it's perimeter. The walls are punctuated by caverns and overhangs and there are some colourful soft corals and fans at depth.

However, the highlight of diving here is the massive shoal of sardines that live around the island. The story goes that a couple of years back, these fish arrived from nowhere, stayed for a few months then disappeared. Then, the following year they reappeared and have been in residence ever since.

In the short period just after dawn they are hunted by tuna, jacks, rainbow runners and on occasion, thresher sharks. Although this is exciting to watch, far more fascinating is just hanging in the water column with them as they perform a graceful ballet, moving together then apart, forming ribbons of liquid silver in the deep blue of the sea.

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