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Anilao, the Philippines
Dive Log
Secret Bay, Anilao in the Philippines
14 metres
Painted frogfish
South of the town of Anilao, there is an almost deserted bay where a black sand beach leads to a bed of rounded pebbles then a long, slowly descending slope. The seabed is fairly barren but hidden amongst the miniscule sponges and blades of seagrass are some great critters. There was a seahorse on a sponge, fire urchins, jawfish, squat lobsters, mantis shrimp and much more but this white frogfish really caught our attention – it was less than an inch long and appears to be a juvenile painted frogfish but the divemaster was convinced it was an adult in another species – he had been monitoring it for several months and it hadn't grown any larger than when he first saw it.
Juvenile whitetip sharks, Mexico
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