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Cage diving with a Great White Shark | Guadalupe island, Mexico
LOCATION: Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico DIVE SITE: North East coast DEPTH: 3 metres


Even before the sun was up, we were hovering on the back deck. The cages had been floating at surface level since the previous night and bags of tuna chunks are now being dropped into the sea. As the first cups of coffee are poured and just before the sun breaks over the horizon, a black fin breaks the surface inches from the port side of our vessel.

For a jaw-dropping few moments, we watched the ocean's apex predator slide silently past, the dark shape almost wider than the boat. What are we saying? The shark was wider than the boat. We dropped into the chilly water and there, right in front of our noses, was another Great White, a female about 5 metres long.

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Great White Shark, Guadalupe island, Mexico

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