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Diving in the Underwater Sculpture Park | Grenada
St George's, Grenada
5 metres

For some divers, a site like this Underwater Sculpture Park may seem like a really peculiar and unwarranted marine experience. Just a few minutes from the main port in Grenada, it is definitely a most unusual dive, and as it lies in shallow water, a curious and impressive experience for both divers and snorkellers.

Created by London-based sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor, each of the sculptures nestles in or near to a coral reef. Since they were installed in 2006, they have been reclaimed by the sea - which was the artist’s intention - creating artificial reefs for local marine life to inhabit.

Descending in the shallows, there are a series of long outcrops and sandy channels. Swimming through these we found many of the hidden sculptures. There are 65 in total: some are quirky, some are a little odd or amusing but Sienna was the one that caught our attention.

Kneeling on an isolated patch of sand, she was inspired by a Grenadian story of young athletic girl who had a special gift for free diving.

Sienna, Underwater Sculpture
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